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A guide to picking the right OPI service provider

Choosing the right service provider takes time and requires a great deal of researching. This article will accompany you by simplifying the process and providing you with a set of 5 questions that need answers in order to select a suitable language service provider.

What languages do I need?

The first question you have to figure out is how many and what languages are in need.

Depending on the quantity, there are two options of provider for you:

  • SLV (Single-language vendor): small-sized companies or freelancers specialized in 1 language pair. This group’s strength lies in their ability to offer tailored services for your business. However, their weakness is having a small scale of staff with inflexible technical platforms and pricing plans to satisfy big clients who need assistance with many language pairs.

  • MLV (Multi-language vendor): In contrast, MLV often collaborates with expert linguists, providing diversifying pricing plans to fit every demand of clients. This group can accompany clients in the long term and helps them expand to more markets of different languages.

If you need translation or interpretation services for more than two languages, you should choose an MLV. In reality, working with a multi-language provider will be much easier since you do not have to control numerous vendors with different working processes and communication methods.

Can that service provider guarantee high quality output as promised?

Among thousands of LSPs in the market, and every single one of them will promise you high quality and customer service. How do you know which one actually means it?

The quality of OPI service mostly depends on the LSP’s professionalism:

  • Interpreters are responsible and possess excellent skills: Try asking your LSP how they recruit their interpreters, whether there is a quality control process, whether they update knowledge and train their interpreters regularly.

  • Trustworthy service providers who understand regulations regarding confidentiality: LSP should not leak your information; propose to sign NDA and be familiar with confidentiality requirements in different areas, for example, HIPPA in the medical field.

Is the LSP’s technical platform reliable?

Unlike traditional interpretation, a successful over-the-phone interpretation assignment depends on interpreters’ skills as well as the technology factor of the OPI service provider. A good technical platform means:

  • High level of confidentiality

  • High-speed, stable connection and signal to assure all the assignments take place smoothly without interruption.

In order to find a LSP with trustworthy technical platform, you need to answer the following questions:

Does this provider invest in maintaining and upgrading their technical platform?

Is this provider’s technology user-friendly and accessible 24/7 whenever you need?

Is this provider’s platform reliable and secure?

Is this LSP’s pricing reasonable?

There are a large number of service providers. That is to say, you have tons of choices. Most businesses are racking their brain wondering if they should cut down on or invest more in OPI service.

No matter how low you budget is, when you have decided to use OPI, do not just pick the cheapest provider. Most of the companies will charge $0.5 - $2/minute, depending on the language pair along with connection fee.

If the price is lower than that range, it is highly likely that the provider is not profitable enough to invest in their system, hence, no quality, confidentiality and connection guarantee. Then you will probably end up paying more to fix the mistakes and reinforce your company’s reputation. Therefore, it’s wiser to make right investment decisions in the beginning.

In order to determine a reasonable rate, you need to know your own demands and answer these questions:

What is the pricing structure? Has the price included extra system maintenance and interpreters’ training fees?

Does your LSP charge on the basis of minute or hour?

Do you often need over-the-phone interpreters regularly? Many companies offer discounts for clients with high demands. You should ask if there’s any discount.

How are other clients’ reviews?

Looking through other clients’ testimonials is a good way to make sure if this is the LSP you have been looking for.

Service providers with positive comments from clients and have a stable number of loyal clients should definitely be standing a higher chance.

Moreover, you can also filter the LSP’s clients and see the ones with similar business models as yours and read their reviews on the LSP to determine if this LSP is right for you.

We understand that the choice of a LSP is important and has a direct impact on your business image as well as reputation. Simultaneously, it opens more opportunities to grow and expand the market. Therefore, we hope this guide will be of great help to you in the process of selecting the most suitable and qualified service provider.

You would like to have an OPI system for your business? Contact us to find out.

Vietranslate is a pioneer in the OPI field in Vietnam, with plenty of experience in this industry and a brand trusted by many agencies, organisations in high-profile markets, such as: United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, etc.

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