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Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) is an effective means to break language barriers. In the era of developing technology information, OPI has gradually become more popular for businesses, organizations, individuals in many countries and also a great potential in Vietnam. OPI’s outstanding advantages lie in the fact that it is not geographically limited, cheaper than traditional interpretation services and can adapt to a wide range of language needs. Thanks to these benefits, OPI is a top choice in many areas. In this article, Vietranslate will show you how OPI is “an indispensable companion” in 4 main industries.

Travel and Tourism

The fundamental trait of travel and tourism is its domestic and international tourist movement. For native tourists, staff of restaurants, hotels and resorts can easily communicate and satisfy their needs. Nevertheless, when encountering foreign visitors, language difference is still a major obstacle. Therefore, over-the-phone interpretation service will come in handy.

During welcome procedures, OPI interpreters will help you with checking in and answering inquiries of hotel or resort guests. In case of any arisen problem, overseas guests only need to connect to the OPI service used by the hotel to get assistance. In fact, many Vietnamese restaurants and hotels, differences in languages can cause international visitors difficulties in finding help, ruin their experience and negatively affect their reviews. Over-the-phone interpretation can fully resolve this matter.

Regarding internal communication, since some hotel managers are foreigners, communication between them and employees has not achieved the desired results due to language barriers. Rendering OPI service will help smoothen and speed up this process and also staff meetings, efficiency reviews, discipline meetings, etc.


Currently, a large number of patients would like to receive treatment overseas yet hesitate due to lack of ability to communicate fluently. Moreover, they need to understand precisely the conclusions, guides, regimen, instructions on medication or medical equipment. However, the expense to hire on-site interpreters at those appointments is relatively high as they are qualified and experienced in healthcare and prescriptions. Therefore, over-the-phone interpreters will be an absolutely suitable companion for these doctor visits. At Vietranslate, we have a team of interpreters who possess high qualifications, profound medical knowledge and experience at international hospitals. As a result, we are confident that we are able to meet all clients' demands and be of great assistance during your doctor’s appointment.

When patients arrive at the hospitals, OPI interpreters can support them through the check-in process and fill out necessary forms. During the appointment, they assist patients in describing exactly their worries, symptoms and medical history. In addition, doctors can have interpreters render information in relation to conclusions, treatment, advice, explanations on prescriptions and side effects and so on. In the event of hospitalization, OPI service will be a communicational bridge so that doctors, nurses and patients can exchange information faster. If the patient is treated at home, this service can be used to discuss new symptoms, concerns and solutions. In the healthcare industry, 24/7 support is of absolute necessity since it deeply impacts human health, which cannot be delayed. 24/7 support is also one of the most remarkable features Vietranslate takes pride in OPI service.


In the age of globalization, business is not restricted within one country. Although all businesses and companies strive for international markets, not every individual is capable enough to their counterparts, clients and partners who speak other languages. This is when over-the-phone interpretation service becomes of great utility.

When it comes to hiring traditional interpreters, businesses will have to pay them on an hourly or daily basis while in fact, sometimes interpreters are needed for a 30-minute meeting. This is indeed an avoidable expense. For the short-comings of traditional interpretation services to be eliminated, OPI offers various cost estimation methods, for instance, per minute/hour/half a day/day, etc. from which you can choose based on your needs. Given that, you can put your mind at ease about both the OPI’s cost and quality when you choose Vietranslate.

Over-the-phone interpreters can also provide support during your discussion with your co-workers or leaders in other countries. Owing to the time difference, OPI is a perfectly suitable choice since this service is available 24/7. Furthermore, the process of supporting loyal customers as well as attracting potential customers will also be of greater sufficiency with the help from OPI. The one rule in sales applied by almost all businesses is: Sell what customers want, not what you need. In the context of globalization, enforcing this rule includes communicating with customers in their language to give them a sense of respect and trust, hence, higher likelihood to persuade them. This is where over-the-phone interpretation brings its advantages into play. All you need to do is say what you want your customers to hear and the interpreter will render your speeches precisely in their language.

Legal sphere

Every day, decisions made in the judicial office may change many people’s lives. Regardless of the level of seriousness or the defendant’s nationality, the element of justice in accordance with the law is crucial.

Whereas many cases demand interpretation services to help foreign defendants and other parties exchange information, it cannot be guaranteed that there will be on-site interpreters available to undertake that responsibility. For that reason, using an over-the-phone interpretation service is necessary and useful in this situation. Without geographical restrictions, OPI service is fully capable of arranging interpreters well equipped with qualifications, understanding of legal sphere and trial procedures. In addition, interpreting for the judges requires excellent audio quality so that the interpretation process can be exact and clear. Therefore, OPI service providers must use technical equipment with high quality stable connection. This is one of the criteria that Vietranslate has been prioritizing.

In conclusion, we have introduced to you the fields where OPI is proven efficient. Over-the-phone interpretation only yields good results as long as there are modern technical equipment to ensure stable connection as well as interpreters with exceptional skills, fast and precise reflex. As a consequence, businesses will have to pick a qualified and experienced OPI service provider.

At Vietranslate, we are proud that our interpreters possess considerable experience and skills, professional tone of voice as well as standard pronunciation, which highly guarantee the interpretation quality. We also utilize the most cutting-edge technical equipment in the market for the sake of connection, sound and image quality. Moreover, you can test the interpreter before the assignment so that you can set your mind at rest.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. If you would like to use OPI service, please contact us through +84 (0) 901 939 779 or our website globalopi.com for more information. We are glad to answer any questions!




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